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Keller Williams Red Day!

Our team had an amazing time participating in the Keller Williams Red Day! This year our office participated in a food drive to help our local food bank.

Proud Sponsors of Short Avenue Elementary School!

We are so proud to be sponsors of Short Avenue Elementary School! We were so excited to team up with Madeline, a first grader at Short Avenue, and have the opportunity to use her beautiful painting on our banner.

Spring Cleaning Inside and Out

There are a variety of simple, DIY spring home maintenance tasks that you can tackle without hiring a professional. Start with window cleaning and while you spritz and spray look to see if they need resealing. Re-caulk or replaced damaged stripping where needed to save on air conditioning come the warmer months. To see more useful tips and ideas, click on the picture above!

Happy Easter!

Theatre Raymond Kabbaz

We are proud sponsors of the Theatre Raymond Kabbaz and are honored to be featured in their French Language Celebration Week!

Théâtre Raymond Kabbaz opened in June 2000. It is a tribute to the passion and ambition of Mr. Raymond Kabbaz, President Founder of Le Lycée Français de Los Angeles, who dedicated the last three years of his life to the creation of the Theatre. As part of Le Lycée Français de Los Angeles,Théâtre Raymond Kabbaz, is a non-profit institution dedicated to the promotion of art and culture in the Los Angeles area. It is the only theater in Los Angeles to dedicate a significant part of its programming to French language and culture. This 220-seat Theatre welcomes multidisciplinary and multicultural shows: theater, music, dance, lectures, screenings.The programming evolves around a dual orientation of educational shows and shows linked to francophone and international culture. The Théâtre’s ambition is to be an open window on French and international cultures, to have a role of creation and innovation within an educational framework, and to inspire and sustain a lifelong appreciation for the arts.

7 Garden Furnishings and Decoration Trends for 2017

Whether you own a smaller or a more generous property, you’ll be happy to make it stand out. Yard design and decoration are important factors in creating satisfaction and a high quality of life. Do yourself a huge favor and start a garden makeover in accordance with the2017 trends of Click on the picture above to see the list!

St. Monica Catholic Community

We are proud sponsors of the St. Monica Catholic Community. St. Monica Catholic Community is a large and diverse community and is governed by the pastor, staff, and various councils made up of parishioners. They engage as many parishioners and school families as possible. For more information, click here!

Spring Break Camps!


Spring Break around Los Angeles is a moving feast; some districts have one week, and some have two. Some take vacation in March, and some in April. Add to the mix the complications of Easter, Passover, and parent work schedules, and Sp
ring Break camp can be a tough knot to untie. Whether your family needs two weeks full time or a day here and there, we’ve chosen a few of our favorites that run the gamut. From the Valley to the sea, surfing to soccer, we think you’ll find something worthy of a few days away from school among these camps. Click on the picture above to see the list!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Mar Vista Elementary Bids For Kids Silent Auction



Thank you Mar Vista Elementary School for having us at your wonderful event this past Saturday. The Bids for Kids Silent Auction is always a pleasure and we are grateful to be a part of it. Mar Vista Elementary school is such a great school with fantastic parents and teachers!