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Dominic Donato

About Dominic Donato

Dominic Donato, an Australian born entrepreneur, and real estate investor holds a proven track record of exceptional results in the areas of sales, management, and real estate. Much of Dominic's success is attributed not only to his extensive experience, but also to his relentless drive to succeed, enthusiasm for his work, and willingness to take on any type of challenge that may come his way. These traits, combined with his savvy negotiation skills and strong marketing background, have made Dominic successful all over the world, across different industries, and among diverse and demanding markets in Los Angeles, London, Sydney, New Orleans & Baton Rouge. Dominic fully devotes himself to each client by quickly identifying their unique needs and always aiming to exceed their expectations. Over the years, clients and colleagues have also praised Dominic on his approachable and honest personality. Integrity, hard work, and dedication truly define Dominic Donato as a person, and have enabled his name to progressively become an international brand: a brand promising to "Making Realty Dreams a Reality".